Building blocks

let-things-goOver the daily course of our lives, we develop many relationships. Some healthy, others destructive. If we are vigilant, the problematic ones are not permitted to proliferate their malignancy, tarnishing our being and existence. And sometimes, we need to have the courage to walk away, just in time, despite the hypnotizing effect cast upon us, and separate ourselves from those ruinous liaisons we are sometimes drawn towards, whether by conscious decision or by fate.



Dear Ms. Block,

It’s not you, it’s me. I fell captive to your charm. I was enticed by the forbidden fruit you presented to me. I was arrogant to believe that the power you hold could be turned away from at will. Just a small bite couldn’t hurt, could it? The fruits of my thought tree were harvested with ease until you walked into my life. And since that moment in time, my mental gait is characterized by careful planning, walking on pins and needles, wary of every potential pitfall along the way, instead of a playful and carefree skip through the thoughts and emotions of my cerebral garden.

But, I don’t blame you. You are just doing your job. You’re only presenting that necessary challenge which makes the journey through life all that more gratifying and meaningful. You may not even like your job. And if that’s the case, I commend you for carrying forward with such tenacity and resolve. I have no negative feelings toward you, even if you admit that you enjoy the broadside slap to my ego that you so often administer.

I have chosen to summon you into my world. I have cracked open the door. I have welcomed you, unaware of the consequences it would create. And you have kicked that door wide open, bringing your friends, self-doubt and timidity, along with you. I don’t remember inviting them to the party, but no matter. I suppose that when you grab one end of the stick, you also get what’s attached to the other end.

If only I had known the acquaintances you keep, I may have made a different decision, never inviting you in the first place. But, maybe I needed to take this necessary diversion in order to appreciate the jovial nature within my realm before you and your friends crashed my party. The truth is, in a somewhat warped and convoluted way, I thank you for opening my eyes to just how enchanting my world was before you arrived. Thoughts free-flowing, ideas germinating like freshly planted seeds, nurtured through the use of my senses, absorbing the magic and beauty of everyday experiences.

It’s been an enlightening ride with you, bouncing through the potholes, swerving to avoid the puddles you set in my path. Was it a beneficial journey? Yes. Was it an enjoyable one? Not really. I have reached my tipping point. Enough is enough. We cross paths with those we encounter for a reason. But, now I am ready to exit this superhighway of malformed creativity. I will always remember you, for what you added to my existence through subtraction. I am stronger for the challenges that you presented to me. I am humbled by the things you have taught me, but I am courageously taking the next step forward. I have many adventurous and breathtaking travels ahead of me. I have a passionate rendezvous planned with my first love, inspiration. I am trading in my relationship with you, writer’s block, for creative building blocks that cause those walls you forge to come crumbling down. Adios. Au revoir. Arrivederci. Good bye Ms. Block. I will not forget you, nor will I miss you.


The Sarcastic Muse